Sibling Duo Jesse & Noah Release Music Video for “Gambler’s Heart” Featuring the Bellamy Brothers

Forthcoming album, Neon Pike, to be released later this summer

Country duo Jesse & Noah released their music video for “Gambler’s Heart” to fans.

Produced and directed by Derrek Kupish, the video was shot during the recording session with the duo’s father, David Bellamy and Uncle Howard Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers. Other scenes in the video showcase the legendary honky-tonks found around lower Broadway in Nashville, TN.

Grounded by the legacy passed down through generations of musicians in their family, Jesse & Noah have come a long way since they left the Bellamy family ranch in Darby, FL. Without forgetting their family heritage, they have defined and refined their musical voice. “Gambler’s Heart,” the first single released from their forthcoming album, Neon Pike, holds special meaning for both bothers. The unique father-and-son conversation reveals the raw truth of taking risks and following dreams—something both generations relate to.

Noah: I must have seemed so selfish / Leaving farm and family behind / My hand don't fit a shovel / But it fits a guitar neck just fine

Noah + Jesse: I was only trying / To give myself to my art

Noah: Guess I'm like you / I got a gambler's heart

“Gambler’s Heart” is available on all digital and streaming services. Details for the forthcoming album, Neon Pike, to be released soon. For more information on Jesse & Noah visit,