SUMMER PLANS has come a long way since their debut self-titled album with Virginia natives JG Kemper and Kara Lorraine bringing a new perspective to life, love and what it means to pursue true happiness in their follow-up album ECHOES. Since their debut album, which was written while both going through difficult breakups, Kara relocated to Los Angeles while JG now splits his time between LA and Virginia. The two came together again in a collaboration that celebrates the best of Virginia, their unique perspective on moving to Los Angeles and being far from home, as well as life along the way. ECHOES will be released on June 5, with the debut single “Monroe Park” available here for download on iTunes. Of the new album, JG Kemper says, "Kara and I thought we would only record one album, but we found there was more to say. Both of us made a lot of life changes – I got remarried and now split my time between Virginia and California while Kara and her boyfriend relocated to California. As we both explored uprooting from our families and their longstanding history in Virginia, we discovered renewed appreciation for our home state and our new adopted state, and what it means to leave your family roots and life along the way.” Produced and mixed by Tim Brennan at Gold Sky Music, the 9-track album is filled with 1980s style summer anthems, love ballads and everything in between, all taking listeners on a ride from childhood hometown to happiness redefined. All songs on the album were written by JG Kemper and Kara McGehee. JG recorded vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and Kara Lorraine contributed vocals and arrangements. Kara’s sister Kayce Laine was a special guest on keyboard and synthesizer and Bruce Bouton gave a special performance on lap steel. Ethan Pilzer played bass and Brian Pruitt played drums. The album was recorded by Tim Brennan at Sienna Studios in Nashville, TN. Mastering was provided by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering. Summer Plans’ self-titled debut album launched with celebrity support to over 7 MILLION followers on social media, radio plays, a launch date NY Post mention and more in its first 24 hours. “Out of the Box with Paul Shugrue” gave extensive radio time to Summer Plans from their hometown and reviews of the debut album included Insight Atlanta who wrote, “Buoyed by the past and anchored to an overall theme of cautious hope, the mostly mid-tempo songs radiate healing amid obvious and often inspired soul introspection.” Preview copies of the tracks are available upon request. For more information on Summer Plans, visit TRACK LIST: 1. “Monroe Park” 7. “Winter in the Cascades” 2. “Dreamland” 8. “Sparkle” 3. “Waiting to Fall” 9. “Echoes” 4. “Exit Sign” 5. “Light Fades” 6. “I Tried”