Merle Monroe God's Still In Control

Since the release of Merle Monroe's debut project BACK TO THE COUNTRY - a project focusing on America's music with a perfect blend of Traditional Country and Bluegrass - in less than a year Tim Raybon and Daniel Grindstaff have seen charting success. Tim and Daniel were already starting to work on a new Merle Monroe project when a devastating tornado hit the Nashville area. In less than a week, COVID-19 became a reality and shortly after, Country legend Joe Diffie passed.

Heartbroken from the devastating effects of the tornado and COVID-19 on businesses, tours being cancelled with friends out of work and then a friend's passing, Tim sat down to put his thoughts on paper in "God's Still In Control".

“While writing, I was reminded throughout history how real God becomes when we personally, or as a country face a sudden tragedy like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 or a loss of a spouse or a family member. I knew deep down God is in control of this. Nothing takes Him by surprise. And sometimes it takes earthquakes, floods, tornados and even something we have never even considered like this coronavirus to get our attention. I hope this song is a blessing to you.” ~ Tim Raybon

In less than two weeks of writing, "God's Still In Control" premiered with Kyle Cantrell on Sirius XM Bluegrass Junction.

Fans began to ask for the lyrics so Merle Monroe's team quickly put out a lyric video and lyric/chord sheet.

The "God's Still In Control" music video has been viewed over 104K times, has 1.8K shares, and the single is now the #1 Song on Bluegrass Today's Gospel Charts for May 29.

"Throughout life we all face Hills and Valleys, no one is exempt from that. Our goal with “Gods Still In Control” is to be a blessing to folks, with Christ there is always light at the end of the tunnel." ~ Daniel Grindstaff

See the video below: