Kristian Montgomery and the Winter Kill Band

Kristian Montgomery is about to release his 2nd full length album. Following up his debut 16 song record "The Gravel church" . The 10 song album "Prince of poverty" defines his sound and is sure to give him a seat at the table with today's major label artists. "The Gravel church " was less than 2 months old when he returned to ultrasound studios to begin work on the next record. We are excited about the fine line this new work walks between art and marketability. Its a new sound that has caught the ear of anyone who hears it. With such diversity on his first album the second has been fine tuned and is now easily recognized as his own style. His last album has been given rave reviews in Houston TX, Nashville TN but also in places like London, France and Denmark where Alt country is just emerging as a popular genre. We have attached a B-side single "Soul for soul" where Kristian took an acoustic country style and incorporated the Harpsichord into a song that also features a grinding les Paul through a Marshall amp in the bridge. He's redefining what it means to be country in a genre that desperately needs it. Please consider supporting the next album.

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