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3rd SATURDAY WORKSHOP October 17, 2020 at 1pm MST



His topic will be: "Avoiding the Clichè Police: Making It Fresh."

He will also join us for the critiques.

"Nashville songwriter and lifetime ASA member, staff writer at Curb, Black River, Wrensong and Glen Campbell Music. Highlights include cuts by George Strait, Sarah Darling, Doug Stone, Idol top 5 winner Mishavonna, Voice top 5 winner Casey Mussigman, placements on TLC, The Voice and Hawaii Five-0. Toured with Kenny Chesney, Lee Greenwood and 15 years as bandleader for Glen Campbell. Before moving to Nashville 20 years ago, had the only #1 record at KNIX by a regional group ever (Jeff Dayton Band), won New Times' Best of the Decade's Best Country Band, Marlboro Country Roundup, Wrangler Country Showdown (twice) and more.

For more info:



The October 17th Saturday Workshop will start at 1pm.

Randy Brown and Jon Iger will be hosting the meeting.

Plus Q&A on the discussion topic; and whatever songwriting questions or answers you may have.

Zoom critiques: (We’ll get to as many songs as time permits.)

To submit a song for critique, go to:

  • Your song should be on: Google drive, dropbox, soundcloud, or youtube.
  • Lyrics are mandatory: You can copy/paste or type your lyrics in the comments at

Chelsea Robson will be facilitating the meeting again. We had a record number of writers attend our first few Zoom meetings! We hope you can join us this month for another great session!

To participate, you’ll need to download the Zoom app at on your computer, cell phone or iPad.

SIGN-IN DETAILS for October 17th Zoom meeting! The day of the event, please sign-in a few minutes early prior to 1pm so we can all be ready to go.

Very Important: Be sure to keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking to the group. If the microphone is not muted it will cause feedback.

There is no charge to participate.

Thanks everybody! JI


It’s coming up again Friday, November 6 thru Sunday, November 8, 2020 in Los Angeles.

TAXI has expressed disappointment that we can't be together at a physical Rally this year, but they feel confident that the Virtual Road Rally they are putting together is going to be really, really good!

If you are interested in attending the online sessions, we can put you on the ASA Guest List (as long as you have not been an actual member of TAXI in the past).

EXPERIENCE THE TAXI ROAD RALLY FOR YOURSELF! The 2020 Virtual Road Rally is a huge event for songwriters and musicians! You’ll be able to learn from top music supervisors, producers, songwriters, publishers, etc.

If you want to participate, TAXI is requesting the following information:

(Send to

Name Address Email address Phone number

Please send the information to Jon by 3pm MST, Monday, October 19, so we can put our list together for TAXI.

The TAXI/ASA Guest List gives you COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION to the Road Rally event only.


PS. It is TAXI's hope that by offering you this complimentary admission you will see the benefits of becoming a participating member of their organization.

Panelists Announced Soon - Check TAXI website for schedule updates! (This year you will need to subscribe to YouTube (free) in order to participate...)

The Glendale Public Library is offering a Virtual Coffeehouse Series while we are unable to share our music in person. If you are interested in performing your originals for this community, please reach out to Ivy Jarvis at or 623-930-3573.

VIRTUAL COFFEEHOUSE SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES Video requirements for the Glendale Public Library’s Virtual Coffeehouse series:

between 15-35 minutes in length at least 1080p and in landscape format place in Google drive with shareable link emailed to Ivy at

You can view the programs that have already been posted here: http:// These performances are posted on the City’s YouTube channel, and have become some of the most viewed videos on the City’s page!

Check out the TIN PAN SOUTH VIRTUAL SONGWRITING SEMINAR October 19 - November 20, 2020



Sam Grow Currently looking! Probably going to cut two or three more songs. Things are just starting to happen for him! His current single, "Song About You", is on the biggest Spotify and Apple playlists!

Colt Ford Average Joe's Entertainment is always on the lookout for great songs for Colt!

JEFF GORDON TV & Film Sync Opportunities

NEW!! Christmas Songs NEW!!

Jeff is looking for songs to pitch to holiday movies and TV shows! Songs should be pop-leaning and/or have that "nostalgic", traditional Christmas sound.

NEW!! Instrumentals NEW!! Jeff is presently looking for unique and interesting instrumental music in every genre and song category!

NEW!! Modern Folk/Pop Music NEW!! Looking for strong melodic pop songs as well as modern-sounding folk/pop music, a la Taylor Swift's new album! Pop is churning out more unique melodies every day! Backing track needs to sound sparse in order for the song to be commercial! All songs that are being pitched to TV/Film sync opportunities must be studio quality (sound "radio-ready") and must be 100% clearable!


NEW!! Runaway June NEW!! Cutting in October! Looking for some new hits! Think "rootsy/organic, fun" songs, a la early Dixie Chicks. They're the first all-female group to have a Top 10 Hit since 2005! Debbie will be sending any great songs she finds directly to the girls for their consideration!


Soon! Rodney Atkins Soon! Ted recently found a killer up-tempo love song for Rodney that he will be recording soon. He would love to find another undeniable hit song to bring in at the same time! Rodney is also doing a co-project with his wife, Rose Falcon! Think "Little Big Town"-like songs that could easily work as a duet. Looking for something different - a la Jason Isbell or Caitlyn Smith

If you would like your song(s) to be considered for any of these new opportunities on the PITCH TO PRO PIPELINE, click the link below!

Join Us For TAXI Music's Daily "Quarantini" Happy Hour

Live YouTube Broadcast and Happy Hour Chat For musicians from all over the world! Tuesday - Friday

7pm Eastern (EDT) / 6pm Central (CDT) / 4pm Pacific (PDT) 12am London (BST) / 9am Sydney (AEST)

Dear Songwriters, Composers, and Artists Join Us Every Tuesday - Friday at 4 pm Pacific Time on TAXI TV's YouTube Channel!

We want to include musicians of all types (not just TAXI members), from all over the world, and you will pick the topics. I’ll be there to answer questions, but it’s going to be directed by you!

And like TAXI TV and the TAXI Road Rally convention, we want to keep it very supportive and friendly! Trolls will be excommunicated on the spot

You can talk about what's going on in your (musical or personal) life, how you’re dealing with being cooped up, ask pressing music creation or music business questions, share recording and production techniques, trade songwriting tips, ask film and TV music licensing questions, trade time management ideas, meet collaborators, talk about your frustrations or best placements, and whatever else you want our daily hangouts to be about!

Celebrity Guests We’ll be joined by some TAXI All-Stars from time to time, as well as some of my music industry friends, so drop by and meet them! Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer/Mixer Rob Chiarelli joined us a few days ago, and today we'll be having Ronan Chris Murphy as our special guest to talk about production, recording, and mixing! I'm going to invite Bobby Borg to join us this week, as well!

Let’s Turn This into a “Thing”! We’re doing this for love, not money. It’s totally free — no strings attached. We want to give you a place to hang out with old friends and make some new ones from a bunch of different countries and cultures.

We only ask two things: Be polite and respectful. Tell every musician you know about the TAXI Music "Quarantini" Happy Hour, and here’s why… If our community gets big enough, I’ve got gear manufacturers that will give us microphones, software, guitars, books, and keyboards to give away for… wait for it… yes, FREE!

Spread the Word! So forward this email, post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any music-related groups, chats, or forums you know of. If we can get our audience to hit 1,000 people during the live show, I can get my hands on some great stuff to give away!

To Join the Daily "Quarantini" Happy Hour... Simply go to and search for "TAXI Independent A&R." Then click on the red "subscribe" button! That way you'll get an instant notification that will alert you each time we go live. Otherwise, you can click on the button below to go to our YouTube channel at 4 pm Pacific from Tuesday - Friday and click on the "Videos" section where you'll see the live video for the day and can join the show there.

To Join the Live Chat and Ask Questions During the Happy Hour... You’ll need to be signed up to YouTube (FREE) and be logged in to be able to join in on the chat during the show. Go to and click the "Sign In" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and fill out the short form to join. If you have a Gmail account, you’ll be able to associate your YouTube account with it!

See you during Happy Hour, Michael Laskow