Album cover courtesy: Courtney Lynn

I had the pleasure of hearing Courtney Lynn at the Tootsies Orchid Lounge at the Nashville International Airport in Nashville, TN. I was waiting for my plane the night after the All In For The Gambler: Kenny Rogers Farewell Concert Celebration. I was walking by the Tootsies Lounge at the airport on the way to my gate. I had a couple of hours prior to my flight. Then I heard this beautiful voice singing in the lounge. I really enjoyed the music and the beautiful voice of Courney Lynn. I went up to her to tell her, "Thanks For The Music", and she gave me one of her CD's. She was very personable. We enjoyed our visit together. We took a selfie together and I told her I would see her again one day. Then I enjoyed the next hour watching her perform before I had to board my plane. When I returned home, I enjoyed listening to her CD.

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Courtney Lynn is a Canadian born singer/songwriter with a rich heritage of Country Music. Born in Manitoba, Canada, into a Metis family (Canadian Indian), Courtney has always been surrounded by country music. Her first real attempt at music was learning how to play the fiddle. When Courtney?s great grandfather, an award winning fiddle player, passed away in 1996 she decided to follow in his footsteps and keep the family tradition going. She took fiddle lessons from a local Metis Style Fiddle player and Courtney?s mother states, "It just came naturally to her. Music has always been part of our family from generation to generation and I am proud to see her follow her dream!" That was the start of what Courtney?s musical journey is today.

Courtney made her way to Nashville by way of Sacramento, CA where she formed and fronted her band named "Courtney Lynn and Big Trouble." She spent several years touring the West Coast with her band electrifying crowds and building a loyal fan base.

Courtney Lynn moved to Nashville in early 2011 to further pursue her dream of being a singer/songwriter and recording artist. It is not hard to see why Courtney chose a career in Country Music. She has an amazing sultry voice and sings with passion and purpose. She has a gift of just making her audience feel what she sings.

It's written in the stars for this girl and the journey is just beginning for Miss Courtney Lynn. "Country music feels like home to me. I am embracing each moment as it comes and I feel blessed to have fabulous musicians to share the stage with, loved ones who support and understand my dream and most importantly, FANS that I can share my music with."

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Thanks For The Music Courtney!

Photo by Glenda S. Paradee

Album cover courtesy: Courtney Lynn