Dawson and Meridian Senior Living Set To Celebrate Black History Month in February With Launch Of ‘Seniors & Songwriters’ YouTube Series

“Billy Dawson is so talented and he’s truly got one of the biggest hearts in country music. I remember we were sitting in a dusty bar down on Broadway about 10 years ago and Billy was on stage and we were both blown away. “Sinners Saints” & “Unite” are special songs and he’s definitely a special person so it’s a perfect fit.”- Lee & Sara Brice

“In a world full of hurt I hope this touches someone… Please feel free to share”- Billy Dawson

Texas-bred & Nashville-based country artist and guitar virtuoso Billy Dawson has an important message to share as the country unites to celebrate unity this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dawson wrote “UNITE” with Eric Varnell in 2015 and felt he should release it in 2020 as a deeply divided United States descended into chaos. Billy decided the moment was right to share the message of hope and unity, sending out a message of reconciliation and togetherness. Now, as MLK Day arrives in 2021 and a nation still deeply divided, Billy has created a lyric video for “UNITE” as well as a concept music video, with both equally shining a light of hope into the darkness.

“Life is like a work of art, you get to paint it the way you want, but you only get one canvas, so choose wisely how you brush,” says a quote taken from Dawson’s Amazon best-selling children’s book 'You Never Know'.

“I’m so proud of my brother Billy Dawson for trying to bring this country together in unity during these hard times,” said pro football Hall of Famer Joe Greene. “‘Unite’ really touched my wife Charlotte and I’s heart and this will for sure impact our world. Everyone needs to see ‘Seniors & Songwriters’ too. This positivity is much needed right now. It takes the seniors to keep us in touch with history.”

The heartfelt “UNITE” penned by Dawson speaks to the core of humanity, pleading for an end to division and distrust:


Yeah we all came from the same dust Inside our heart beats the same blood We run from love But it chases us I pray that one day we let it catch up What's it gonna take To change our fate

If we could all just UNITE Break down the walls that divide Lift up every single life Then we might find We’re on a palette of black to white We’re all God’s unique design Think it’s time to shed some light

This world would be strings without a violin If we the people all had the same tinted skin We’ve got an ocean full of problems Let’s sit at the table of equality and solve ’em

Like Martin Luther King Yeah maybe we can dream Stand up, Speak up Use your words and not violence Speak up, Stand up

Take my hand yeah we got this We’re on a palette of black to white We’re all God’s unique design I think it’s time to shed some light Tonight And UNITE

In anticipation of Black History Month, Dawson has partnered with Meridian Senior Living, headquartered in Bethesda, Md. to highlight some of the unique, fascinating stories and perspectives seniors have to share with all future generations. After a rained-out gig in Brooksville, Fla., Dawson met the vendors to thank them for their attendance. One vendor was with Meridian Senior Living, and Dawson was asked if he’d like to go visit. He then performed for the residents, playing a slate of classic music including Hank Williams. They lit up with elation and the partnership was sealed. Billy also met Harry, a 100-year-old veteran and keyboard ace who also had some stories to tell. In ‘Seniors & Songwriters’ will launch on YouTube in February 2021, where Dawson will sit and talk with these amazing elders.

Additionally, Billy penned a best-selling children’s book on bullying, titled ‘You Never Know’ (Amazon). “When children read You Never Know I hope they learn how bullying can affect others and that it is better to love than to hate,” said Dawson.

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Watch the video to his last single “Sinners Saints”, co-written by Sara Bice and Deleah Shane and produced by Rodney Clawson, Lee Brice, and Jacob Rice:

About Billy Dawson: Billy Dawson grew up in Sunray, a small West Texas town. An appropriate name for a man on the same mission. He now calls Nashville home, where he has a career as a country music singer/songwriter, author, and motivational speaker. Dawson’s travels have brought connections to super-producer and songwriter Rodney Clawson, country chart-topper Lee Brice and many others. Dawson also penned an AMAZON best-selling illustrated children’s book on bullying, titled You Never Know in 2014. And as if that weren’t enough, he also supported various charities such as the Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, Matthew McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin Foundation, Toby Keith’s Kids Korral, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the George Lopez Foundation, Homes for our Troops, Volunteers of America Colorado just to name a few. To keep up with all things Billy, visit

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UNITE written by: Eric Varnell & Billy Dawson (C) 2015 BMI/ASCAP Official lyric video by Andy Maier Performance video directed by James Rayner Recorded at: Dawson Studios Nash Mixed by: Jacob Rice Mastered by: Brad Blackwood Produced & Engineered by: Billy Dawson Vocals/Guitars/Drums/Piano: Billy Dawson Cello: Paul Nelson