Bettman & Halpin

Facebook Live Concert Tuesday 3.31 7 pm MOUNTAIN TIME

Dear Ones,

The news hasn't been very uplifting lately. What with washing our hands 100 times a day, social distancing to the point of being afraid to make eye contact, and way too much time spent reading about the unflattened curve... And now today...John Prine is intubated. I am envisioning him being discharged and sent home in the next few days. Hope is a thing with feathers.

How are you doing?

We are feeling like it's time to reconnect with all you wonderful humans, and hoping that feeling is mutual. So, THIS TUESDAY at 7 pm MDT, we will be live on Facebook. If you have any requests, send them to me, and we'll try to fit them in. Of course, you can send them during the concert too - and we'll try live to get to them. But sometimes it's easier to miss when we're in the midst of playing...

For those of you who don't have access to Facebook, we will be recording the concert and posting on Youtube in the days afterward. I'll send out the link or you can just keep an eye on our YouTube channel. Or perhaps, subscribe!

Spread the word: Facebook at 7 pm MST this Tuesday, March 31st.

Please tune in, and say hello! Or make a watch party of it, and watch it with your friends all over the world!

We miss you.

Stay healthy and be well. Big Cyber Bear hugs, Stephanie & Luke